Brushwood clearing, a protective and preventive must !

An compulsory measure against fire risks

In Vence, the high fire risk factor has engendered strict preventative regulations in order to protect our forests of which the most important measures to be taken include the clearing and regular maintenance of undergrowth. These measures are imperative to ensure the safety and protection of the forest, the inhabitants and their dwellings.

Brushwood and undergrowth clearing : provides optimum protection
Clearing land helps to delay the propagation of flames and reduces the strength of the fire.

Such preventive action essentially enables the fire brigades to perform their tasks more efficiently and thus complements their work.

How to proceed ?

Remove and cut back dead or dried vegetation, as well as any small bushes growing under big trees.

Cut back low growing branches of trees reaching up beyond 2 metres in height and trim at least half way up the trunk.

Leave sufficient space between trees when planting in these areas such that their foliage will not touch as the tree matures.

The debris can then either be burnt, in strict accordance with bonfire regulations, or be taken to a municipal rubbish tip or alternatively be transformed into compost for the garden.

Brushwood clearing is obligatory by law :

- If your property is situated in an urban area, a residential estate, an urban property development or on a camping site

- In a wooded area or within 200 metres of a wooded area.

- Within a 50 metre perimeter around your dwelling.

- Within a 100 metre perimeter around houses situated in the Val de Cagnes, Poutaouch, Malbosquet, Suveran, Cayrègues, Cayron, Malvan, bois de la Sine.

- If the property is situated in the restricted B1 Blue Zone or within the high risk PPRIF Red Zone (Plan de Prévention des Risques Prévisibles d’Incendie de Forêt).

Strimming must also be carried out along a band of 10 metres either side of all driveways.

Brushwood clearing should be carried out irrespective of land borders
and continue right through all the neighbouring plots.

Bonfires are forbidden during high risk ‘red’ periods
From 1st July to 30th September (date decreed by Order of the Prefect), the use of fire in wooded areas, forests and plantations… is only permitted in certain conditions and under stringent regulations. During this period, makeshift barbecues, bonfires, incinerators, fireworks… are strictly forbidden.

Useful telephone numbers

Pompiers 18 or 112
Police Municipale 04 93 58 32 32
Gendarmerie Nationale 04 93 58 03 20
Services Environnement} 04 93 58 41 37
Services Techniques} 04 93 58 41 20