Champions from the billiard world will soon be coming to Vence

On the 11th, 12th and 13th January 2008

The Vence Academy have made a grand debut, by organising the first ever International Billiard Festival in France, which will take place on the 11th, 12th and 13th January 2008 ! For the first time, six world famous professionals will confront six ranked amateurs from the Alpes-Maritimes Region, of which one comes from Vence, and all of whom are ranked within the top 100 French players on the circuit. A billiard room and seating for spectators will be erected under the Christmas marquee in the Grand Jardin Square.

Three exceptional days in Vence… a stronghold for French billiards

This big event comprises some 44 billiard games extending over 45 hours of exciting competition play. There will be an exceptional line-up of master players who boast 11 world champion titles, 10 European titles, 118 national titles, 50 Grand Prix victories from the World Billiard Association and 5 world records, between the six of them !
It features the Dutchman, Dick Jaspers who is ranked n°3 in the world, the Dane, Tonny Carlsen, the Frenchmen, Richard Bitalis, Francis Connesson, Jean-Christophe Roux and Jean Reverchon. Their adversaries will be keen ranked local amateurs, well versed in fine strategies and tactics. They comprise the local player from Vence, Pierre Jacob ranked n°37, four players from Nice, David Durancet ranked n°32, Olivier Damon ranked n°73, Stéphane Gallucci ranked n°85 and Patrick Macquet ranked n°92, as well as Michel Parize ranked n°54 from Mandelieu.