Dog fouling : STOP !

Information and deterrents

Faced with the scourge of dog fouling which pollutes our streets and pavements, the town council is launching a major campaign to publicise and raise awareness of the problem. Part of this campaign is the adoption of effective deterrents for dog owners who neglect their civic duty.

A new by-law from the Mayor

A by-law dated 13th June 2008 reinforced the previous legislation and punishment : €38 for each offence (instead of the current €11 fine).

A “Cleanliness and Community” Team

The team’s task is to supervise public spaces and inform and sanction dog owners who fail to respect the by-law.

Before a fine is served, a warning will encourage potential offenders to use the free bags put at their disposal and inform them of the price to pay for any subsequent offence.

Publicity campaign

A poster produced in three sizes will be displayed in various places around town and flyers will be distributed in order to inform the public.

Where can you find the free bags dispensers ?

* Parking de la Gare
* Pont Royal
* Av. Foch (secondary school)
* Grand Jardin
* Tennis des Pins
* Place F. Mistral
* Place Clemenceau
* Parking de la Ferrage
* Gare routière L’Ara (Bus Station)
* Square Maliver
* Parking Marie-Antoinette
* Descente des Moulins
* Ecole du Suve

The dispensers are checked and refilled every day, Monday to Friday.

Let’s work together to keep our town clean and make Vence’s streets even more beautiful.