From where comes Vence water ?

Vence water comes from many springs of subterranean origin.

Riou resources

Property of Vence commune, they consist in a mixture of Riou spring called « Les sourcets » and the river “la Cagne”.

These springs have a very variable flow (less than 5 000 m3 per day). They are not sufficient to provide Vence with daily needs reaching nearly 20 000 m3 during dryness period.

Lauron resources

Property of « Compagnie des Eaux » this spring is located on the communes of Tourrettes-sur-Loup and Roquefort-les-Pins and follows a footpath during 20 hectares. At summer season, up to 18.125 m3 may be taken for Vence needs.

Purchase of drinkable water to the « Syndicat Intercommunal de d’Estéron et du Var inférieur »

This resource,called water of la Gravière gets through the reservoirs of the Pioulier and the Trappe. This latter, on the one hand, comes from the alluvial flow of the Var and on the other hand, from the Esteron valley,being completely treated.

Vence fountains

It is the water of the Foux that feeds all the fountains.This latter, with a very small flow, cannot supply the needs of the commune. The water of the Foux is only requisitioned in case of dryness.

On the 2 800 000 m3 produced by its springs, more than 2 600 000 m3 are used by the 5 000 water-consumers of Vence.

84 yearly controls are performed to test the quality of the water.

The results of all these controls are sticked at Municipal and Technical Services , Centre Toreille.

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