Natural disasters guide

To be read carefully

The Commune has published a guide concerning potential natural disasters which may occur in the Vence area : forest fires, landslides or large rock falls .... this guide aims at informing the public of urgent steps to be taken in the event of an incident or natural catastrophe.
Be aware of the major risks and know what action to take in the event of a disaster.

This important preventive guide informs us how to react and what measures to take, in the event of a disaster, in order to protect ourselves and others, before the arrival of the emergency services on the scene.

In order to tackle natural disasters, the Town of Vence has set up an appropriate organisation aimed at preventing natural disasters as well as coordinating the various emergency services to achieve optimum efficiency.

Please read these instructions carefully, for the safety of everyone (in french).

Please click under here to read the Major Disasters Guide (format PDF)

To know more about natural disasters plans and read (in french) the Prefecture’s informations, please click here

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