The heatwave plan

How to protect...

During summer, the prevention of risks due to heatwave is increased in order to help the old people living alone.
In collaboration with the City hall services and the CCAS (Communal social department), all services at home, health services and solidarity associations are very careful with all the recommandations of the heatwave plan.

Free numbers to be called :

Conseil Général 0 805 560 660.

CCAS de Vence 0 800 06 66 66 or 04 93 24 08 90.

Any old or handicapped person can register at the CCAS of Vence

Phone 04 93 24 08 90 or write : Centre Communal d’action Sociale (CCAS) de Vence : 228 Avenue Colonel Méyère 06140 VENCE.

CCAS : open from monday to thursday - 8am to 12am and 1.30pm to 5.30pm. Friday - 8am to 12am and 1.30am to 5pm.