The municipal Cultural Centre

Inauguration of the new building

Now located at 495, chemin de la Pouiraque, the Municipal Cultural Centre is a place for convivial meetings and cultural activities. One can go there to enrich oneself, to discover, to enjoy, to learn, to nurture friendships.

Place of leisure and discovery

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Lors de l’inauguration des nouveaux locaux

The Cultural Centre is open for all ; children, teenagers, young adults, middle- aged and seniors. It offers numerous activities under the supervision of devoted and competent teachers and personnel.

Adult Activities

Fine arts- Decoration workshops- Style and dressmaking- Choral Singing - Information technology- Reading & Writing - Theatre - Role-playing - Sculpture & Pottery.


Jazz chorography - Country tap dancing - African dancing - Rock’n Roll - Contemporary dancing - Salsa - Oriental dancing- Light gymnastics - Hatha Yoga - Kundalini Yoga - Aerobics classes - Relaxation therapy - Tai Chi Chuan.

Language school

With qualified teachers

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French (as a foreign language)
  • Italian.

Music school

Drums - Guitar - Piano.

Youth Activities

School Tutoring - English - drawing, Painting, Sculpture - Choral & Individual Singing - Pottery & Modelling - Pottery & Sculpture - Theatre.


Singing & Dancing workshops - Jazz choreography workshop - Tap dancing - Musical comedy- African dancing- Oriental dancing - Bodily Expression - Hip-Hop

Music School

Drums - Guitar - Piano.

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