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The Music Conservatory

350 Students frequent the music conservatory of Vence which has eclectic and high quality music tuition.

Its origin...

The music conservatory of Vence is an E.M.M.A. Municipal school of music accredited by the Ministry of culture.

It was founded in 1976 commencing with only theory classes for the young.

In 1978 the first instrument classes were introduced and the classes were given in the premises of the Emile Huges foundation.

Ca percute à Vence (2006)
In 1985 the management of the establishment was appointed to three professors, one of whom is the current director, Stéphan Bergeon, they developed the disciplines starting out with seven and totalling twenty five today, each were accredited by the ministry of culture in 1994.

That same year, the Conservatory of Vence became the twin school of Ottorino Respighi in San Remo Italy, a first of its kind in Europe which has allowed for regular exchanges between our two countries.

On another level, the successive municipalities have invested regularly in the premises, situated in the Cristini Villa at 112 Bougearel Avenue, in the material, the creation of jobs.... (this continues to evolve each year) and in everything that today contributes to forming the united and motivated 350 students and teachers of the Conservatory of Vence, with its recognised and specialised musical teaching structures, numerous activities, shows and concerts making it among the most competitive in the region.

Conservatoire Municipal de Musique Agréé. Villa Cristini. Avenue de Bougearel 06140 Vence.

Phone / Fax : 04 93 24 67 37

Secretary open from monday to friday 2pm - 5pm and wednesday 8.30am - 18 pm To write

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