Time to call a halt to noise pollution !

The town centre is a place where a variety of noise pollution can disrupt the peace during the daytime and especially at night. The Mayor of Vence, Mr Régis Lebigre, has taken the initiative to organise a round table session, bringing together councillors, local residents (from the Old Town and the town centre), municipal and regional experts, as well as municipal and national security services.
A series of counter measures has been introduced to combat the majority of noise pollution issues raised by the participants, bearing in mind that it is impossible to find a perfect solution to all these questions.

Measures concerning engine noise

(mopeds, quads, motorbikes....)

More frequent road checks and random checks by local and national police, using a sound metre device for engine noise.
The creation of extra parking places for two-wheeled transport to avoid haphazard parking, which can be a source of inner urban noise pollution.

Sanitary services noise

The coordination and times of these services are to be reviewed, with the aim of limiting noise made by refuse collection lorries, mechanical street sweepers and leaf blowers.

It should be added that of all the towns of the Nice Côte d’Azur region, Vence produces the greatest amount of refuse, necessitating additional services (specific collections of commercial cardboard packaging, as well as daily domestic rubbish collections, including Sundays and public holidays, in the Old Town and up to 3 times a day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays…).

Other measures on the agenda

•Limiting the use of underground containers to cardboard and packaging disposal only, in order to prevent unpleasant odours from fermenting debris lodged at the bottom of the containers.

•During delivery periods, lorries could plug their refrigeration units into the town mains system, thus switching their engines off and reducing noise.

Inevitably, noise pollution arises from the activities of the 20 000 inhabitants living in Vence. It is essential that each citizen assumes their responsibilties towards assuring the quality of life in Vence.

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