Vence Book Festival - 19th and 20th October

The great reading and book festival

This big literature festival will take place in Vence on the 19th and 20th October 2007. For the 19th Edition of the Book Festival, the Médiathèque will propose readings, literary wanderings and sampling....

Vence Book Festival, a convivial get-together, an opportunity to discover and digest cultural diversities, through books and the pleasure of reading.

Friday 19th October

6pm Readings from the recent award-winning books from the Rotary-Club Best Book Selection : « Le Serpent rouge de Pertabal » by Louis Montaru ; « Je vois rouge » by Laura Nicolas ; « Elle » by Marie-Angélique Nurisso ; « Le Rouge est mis » by Hervé Nouvel.

Presentation of the latest publications written by Marie-Agnès Courouble, Françoise Guyon, Bernard Jeanclaude and Roger Orengo. Médiathèque.

Saturday 20th October

10am – 5pm « A reader’s digest of detective novels : a gustatory wander through Mediterranean detective stories » : book exhibition, readings et convivial discussion groups with the possibility of sampling the dishes described in the selected novels.

This event is hosted by Jacques Lerognon and Corinne Naidet from « La Noire rôde » Association ; each participant will receive a little recipe book - Médiathèque.
3pm « Anges et démons dans la musique et la littérature du Moyen Age » (Angels and demons in music and literature of the Middle-Ages) by L’Oiseau-Lyre with the participation of ‘Ombres et Voix’
Chapelle Sainte-Anne.