Vence Cultures is launching a campaign of Street Communication through art works

5 local artists will exhibit in various areas of the town...

The Vence Cultural Society (Vence Cultures) is collaborating with artists from the Délit d’Art Group to launch an unconventional urban communications campaign. Urban art captures public attention by surprising, disturbing and sometimes even provoking passers-by.
This totally new and completely original concept offers a wide choice of artistic possibilities.

A both artistic and entertaining campaign

Artistic works line the streets throughout the town including the very seat of Vence Cultures Association itself, with the aim of informing and directing people, while at the same time rendering art more familiar and accessible to the general public. This is a new method of public communication through art forms, an exceptional event taking place in Vence over the year 2010…

Land art by Sabine Fichera

This artist specialising in multimedia, re-introduces the theme of nature ; a culture in its own right, in the form of agriculture and plant cultivation. Sabine Fichera proposes a specific route signposted with arrows and signals made of greenery. These will be short-lived compositions set on wall panels of synthetic lawns.

A curtain raiser by Geneviève Roy

This local photographic artist creates a stage setting to capture the attention of passers-by and inform them about cultural events. In the form of hanging scrolls, the act of revealing the hidden meaning is accentuated by the choice of black and white photography. Colossal photos unfurl and roll down as the seasons pass.

Paper creations by Laurent Gerbert

The artist reconstructs mini monolithic totem poles from paper stuck on newspapers, packaging, Thaï coloured paper or rice paper or even town maps. Creasing and folding techniques, oil paints and poster paints create heavenly islands with their own secret geology and poetic inspiration.

Sculpture in trompe l’œil by Egmont Grisoni

This artist and sculptor beseiges the town ; streets, roof tops and frontages, with artistic works to be shared day by day with the inhabitants, passers-by and tourists. Egmont Grisoni is from the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris (Fine Arts School).

Coming events guide by Sébastien Ardouin-Dumazet

Adopting the approach of urban poster designer and illustrator, this artist uses street maps as the main creative background, mounted on wooden panels to make up an artistic composition, publicising the Vence Cultures Society coming events, in several languages.